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Issue Background


The only solution is a legislative solution.  Congress must act now to stop layoffs, preserve our national security, and demonstrate to our allies and our enemies that we are committed to being a force for good in the world.   Congress must raise defense funding levels.  The Navy League needs our Congressional leaders to work together, across party lines, across regional lines, and across state lines to find a solution that supports our men and women that are deployed to protect our freedom.

The Budget Control Act of 2011 mandated $487 billion in security cuts over the following 10 years in order to resolve the 2011 debt ceiling crisis.  The most recent agreement sets defesnse budget caps, letting budget drive strategy.  The Armed Services Committees have stated that our national security strategies cannot be executed with current funding levels in effect and have recommended a return to pre-Budget Control Act funding levels.  These restrictions have aready led to furloughs, deferred maintenance, reduced fleet size, delayed recapitalization and remodernization programs, and increased deployment times.  Our services are struggling to carry out their mission while remaining within unreasonable budgetary restrictions.  Current international crises around the globe remind us that our military must be ready and fully funded to meet a challenging future.

Watch the video below for a more detailed history of the Budget Control Act and how it affects the defense budget.

Five Years of the Budget Control Act: What It Means for Defense from CSIS on Vimeo.